[1801] 3+2=6 LA LOI DE MURPHY

House transformation in Commugny, Vaud (VD) Switzerland


Client Private

Location Commugny

Status Built

Date 2018-2019

Photography Think Utopia


A complete abstraction of the existing space, we simply kept the memory of the wood as a connector with history and the different interventions in the house. A single fluid space defines the ground floor, differentiating rooms marked by geometry and light. A visual continuity through spaces between three floors connected by a large window that appears as the protagonist over the living room. A new fireplace volume and central staircase ensure vertical visual and programmatic connection.

3 doors in wood appear as “paintings” in dialogue with the floor of the rooms level and the stairs that mark the level differences. A continuous floor in polished concrete and the materiality of the stainless steel offers a series of contrasts of shapes, geometries and textures on a white background canvas.