[1601] TU LÀ-HAUT

Grange transformation project in Champex d’Allesse, Valais (VS) Switzerland


LocationChampex d’Allesse



The intention was to open the existing volume to the views and light. Open it to space and the scale of the imposing surrounding landscape. The transformation is based on geometry, introducing strong elements that define and characterize the space treated as a single fluid. The square talks about framing the views, creating a succession of plans to find a dialogue between the main interior volume and the mountains, protagonists of the project.

A single central equipment bloc was introduced floating whitin the existing walls. Distribution around this main volume used a symmetry axis creating a succession of different privacies. A transition from and open terrace, through a covered entry, to living room and back rooms. The line of the horizon defines circulation accompanying the landscape as an extension guide into the interior space. The materials are defined by light and call on a range of variations combining wood and concrete.