Boundaries between art and architecture

WRP Foundation – April 2021

Photography – Julien Gremaud

From english interface (n.) 1874, « a plane surface regarded as the common boundary between two bodies” ( from 1882 ds NED) “place of interaction between two systems. »

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of my independent practice as an architect, I have selected five projects that reflect what is connatural in my architectural gesture : exploring the boundaries between art and architecture. 

An abstract practice between art and architecture, this exhibition wants to invite reflection and question its interfaces. At the entrance, a form separates these two worlds, a white wall delimits a space to display and art work while on the other side an art installation dialogues with architecture. Images transform into paintings, samples and construction materials become art works … And isn’t architecture art with a function?

The exhibition plays with perception and leaves the interpretation of the exhibited work up to the viewer’s appreciation. The exhibition wants to highlight the themes that are common to both disciplines and that are recurrent in my work: context, light, geometry and composition. A series of quotes and extracts from publications follow the displayed works.

Displayed photographies are by Think Utopia

With the support of the WRP Foundation and Loterie Romande