Javier Müller
Infolio Éditions
Number of pages – 180
Hardcover binding
ISBN – 9782889680030
From the Latin fundus (base, background) – mentum (instrument, result) means

“that serves as a base, which forms the main part of something”.

Fundamental illustrates through images the principles, the basis, the instruments that show my approach to each of my projects and that settle the origin of my architecture. A collection of images, texts, poems and quotes organized into a series of recurring themes in my work: context, light, geometry and composition. ““My approach to architecture is in a strong dialogue with the visual arts. I believe architecture is an inhabited sculpture. I consider space as a singular fluid in which geometrical elements are introduced and exist as the protagonist. My work seeks to dissolve the limits between architecture and other artistic disciplines. Therefore, a floor plan can be a painting or the extrusion of a painting can be understood as a building.”



In a world strongly marked by the image, I propose an architecture that tends to be unremarked, acting discreetly to value its context. The means with which I approach architecture are elemental : geometry, spatial proportions, the distribution of light, precision in details, materials and textures. I work on abstraction, reducing space to a minimal expression where any arbitrary sign has been removed.

I seek simplicity through an economy of means and understanding the elements and the idea behind a project in a very direct way. This is what my architecture is all about, composition understood as an interaction of elements that constitute a unit in perfect balance. A unit that has been sculpted and not made up of different parts, which speaks of my approach to architecture as a sculpture . We achieve harmony, when the human being is able to recognize the elements of composition as a unit, making the space his own. I seek beauty through timeless atmospheres that are ingrained and inseparable from its context, because architecture doesn’t speak about fashion and is meant to last over time.


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