Javier Müller
Infolio Éditions
Number of pages – 180
Hardcover binding
ISBN – 9782889680030


from the Latin fundus (base, background) – mentum (instrument, result) means “that serves as a base, which forms the main part of something”. 


Fundamental illustrates the principles and instruments that show Javier Müller’s approach to each of his projects and that settle the basis of his architecture. The book offers a series of images, texts and quotes organized around recurrent themes in the architects work: context, light, geometry and composition. Because his approach to architecture is closely linked to the visual arts: architecture considered as an inhabited art work.

In a world strongly marked by the image, Javier Müller proposes an architecture that tends to be unremarked, acting in a discreet way to enhance its context. Thus, the means he approaches architecture are elementary: geometry, spatial proportions, distribution of light and precision of details. Architecture understood as a composition and interaction of elements that constitute a unit in perfect balance. A unit that has been somehow « sculpted » to appropriate space with a concern to find harmony.


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