[1705] SHAGGY

Apartment renovation in Tannay 2, Vaud (VD) Switzerland



Status – Built


Photography – Think Utopia


It is a compositional principle that targets the revelation of order and structures inherent in nature. Trees lining paths, clouds or mountains mirrored in a lake, or a group of people are – according to Hodler’s vision of them – arranged in parallel patterns, patterns that he underscores in his landscapes and figurative compositions by enhancing the symmetry and by means of repetition.

Based on Hodler’s parallelism, the intention was to open the site to the view and light ,creating a dialogue with the Lake. The transformation is based on a single fluid space and new glazing elements that “frame” the views as a Holder painting. The line of the horizon defines the circulation accompanying the lake as an extension guide into the landscape.

The introduction of one central kitchen block delimits the kitchen delineating open but clearly differentiated spaces. It clearly defines two senses which mark two spatial relations. The first closes the kitchen to the living room and creates a connection with the dining room and the Lake, while the second delimits the living room adding deepness to the main space. The materials are determined by light and call on a range of variations combining marble, wood and concrete.