[2023] HOUSE P5

House transformation in Prangins (VD) Switzerland.

Client – Private


Status – Built


PhotographyThink Utopia

A transformation of a house on the property line with a historic monument, the former Water Tower of the municipality of Prangins. Our intervention seeks to open the existing volume to the landscape, proposing new facade openings and a complete interior renovation. New glazing elements want to frame the exterior views according to the interior use of the rooms. Thus for the kitchen and the dining room the long proportions confer a rhythm which accompanies the garden’s horizontality, the living room and the terrace access are treated in a more contemplative perspective. A central storage bloc separates the kitchen and defines open but clearly different rooms separated at any time by sliding doors. Two wooded walnut panels delimit the bedrooms, hall and kitchen areas of the living room, which can be closed to the kitchen by a large wood panel integrated to the fireplace volume. The kitchen is extended to the dining room though a continuos buffet cabinet over the entire length. The materiality of the project offers a contrast between the luminosity of the white walls, the walnut woodwork elements and mineral additions in metal, stone and dark wood.