New coffee and ice cream parlor in Paquis (GE) Switzerland.

Client – Public


Status – Built

Date – 2020/2021

Images – Think Utopia

An intervention in a listed building from the eighteenth century the project proposes a ground floor refurbishment. The idea for the project is based on enhancing the existing volume through large windows and exposing the structural stone pillars. The intention is to find a timeless space, a café where, by taking a seat, you lose track of time, you have the impression that it has always been there. The starting space being narrow and long, we propose the introduction of a compact volume along the length that solves the technical program and the circulations leaving the most room to the seating area. This volume is treated like a sculptural monolith with a uniform appearance in MDF green which floats on an exposed concrete floor. Contrasts through walnut carpentry elements mark and delimit the staff area and the new staircase block. A marble worktop  reinforces the horizontal direction of the bar. Large suspended lights reinforce the verticality of the space to gain visual amplitude.